Friday, June 13, 2008

We are the 1 Percent!!!

I have been putting off this blog for awhile, because I am still adjusting to the shock, and believe me I was in more shock than any of you will be. So we are pregnant...yes pregnant, and it came as a complete surprise because we were definitely preventing. It took awhile for me to adjust to the idea of another baby so quickly after the last--Carson and this baby will only be 16 or 17 months apart. The baby will be due in Dec. or Jan. We will find out next week when I go in for the first appointment, which I put off as long as I could.

Anyways, even though this has been an extremely hard thing (sorry to any of you that have fertility issues...I would gladly share some of mine,) it has also been spiritual. The first night I found out, I cried and prayed for about 12 hours. Finally in the middle of the night the following thought came to me that has been a blessing (and for once I wrote it down):

I shed a few tears,
I will not deny.

The choice was not mine,
That's why I cry.

The decision was made
by One, who's hands are greater than mine.

And that's why I love,
This baby growing inside.

Whenever I start feeling overwhelmed with the thought of three kids under the age of three, I re-read this and find comfort! So that's our big announcement!!