Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going...Going...Gone...Bald is beautiful

Time for Carson's summer haircut. He has had it cut several times, but never shaved. We have been chewed out several times for, "cutting off all those beautiful curls!! What were you thinking?!" Oh will grow back



And Brent had to have his done also!.


Jan said...

Hey, both of your boys are way cute! Love the summer 'dos!!

Jacob and Emily said...

Carson looks like a little man! He's so cute! I'm sure Brent is loving it too!

Kim said...

His beautiful curls are gone! That's ok cuz he's still the cutest lil boy in the Ivins family! (and the only one :))We love u guys!

Amanda L said...

Hi Jacque! I confess that I've been blog stalking you for over a year...until you quit blogging! send me an email address to or join the rest of the mob at Facebook and we'll catch up. You're family is darling. What do you guys do there in Idaho?