Sunday, June 14, 2009

A quick hello from the East Coast

Mattea and I are in Serverna Park, Maryland for the week. We are having a blast seeing the sights. We have been to the inner harbor in Baltimore, to the National Zoo in DC, and are headed to NYC tomorrow. She has been awesome, great in the plane and loves laughing at all the people. My other two kids don't even miss me (my biggest concern on this trip) as they won't even talk to me when I call. So much fun to be able to travel and see good friends. I will post more and pictures when I get home!


Jacob and Emily said...

Oh and the jealousy grows a little more as you vacation around the east coast - such an awesome place.

Amanda L said...

Hmmm...and you didn't know that I was a mere five hours out of your way. :) Oh well. Welcome to my side of the planet. Hope you've enjoyed it. BTW, if you hit the Hill Cumorah on this visit, I'm only an hour away.

Jan said...

Fun times!! Now I want the pics!