Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to Blogging!

I haven't blogged in forever, but want to keep on it since it is about the only journaling I do, so here goes.

A quick recap of the last 7 months:

Mattea and I had a blast out in Maryland and New York! I wish that I could make it an annual trip, but it probably won't happen! I will just be grateful I could go this year.

Carson turned 2 in July. He loved his birthday this year and really understood what was happening. His cake had real trucks and tractors on it, so he didn't really care about opening presents once he saw all those fun toys on his cake. We were lucky to have my grandparents, parents and two cousins here! It was a perfect day for a two year old!

Later in July, we had a Wright family reunion. It was really nice, just a family picnic in the park, but the first time that Brent's family had all been together since before we were married. We got some wonderful family pictures and had an enjoyable time visiting and playing with cousins we don't get to see often!


Kinsey said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you're back. I love hearing about what is going on with you guys. I really miss you. Why can't we have friends like you down here?

Jacob and Emily said...

Sounds like the last seven months have been just "wright"! hahaha I crack myself up! You're probably thinking "boy she's a dweb"! It's good to have an update every now and then though! At least we know your still tickin'.

Hannah Stevenson said...

HOORAY!!! So glad you are back! Your kids are so dang cute. I love hearing about you guys.