Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back to Blogging!

I haven't blogged in forever, but want to keep on it since it is about the only journaling I do, so here goes.

A quick recap of the last 7 months:

Mattea and I had a blast out in Maryland and New York! I wish that I could make it an annual trip, but it probably won't happen! I will just be grateful I could go this year.

Carson turned 2 in July. He loved his birthday this year and really understood what was happening. His cake had real trucks and tractors on it, so he didn't really care about opening presents once he saw all those fun toys on his cake. We were lucky to have my grandparents, parents and two cousins here! It was a perfect day for a two year old!

Later in July, we had a Wright family reunion. It was really nice, just a family picnic in the park, but the first time that Brent's family had all been together since before we were married. We got some wonderful family pictures and had an enjoyable time visiting and playing with cousins we don't get to see often!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A quick hello from the East Coast

Mattea and I are in Serverna Park, Maryland for the week. We are having a blast seeing the sights. We have been to the inner harbor in Baltimore, to the National Zoo in DC, and are headed to NYC tomorrow. She has been awesome, great in the plane and loves laughing at all the people. My other two kids don't even miss me (my biggest concern on this trip) as they won't even talk to me when I call. So much fun to be able to travel and see good friends. I will post more and pictures when I get home!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary Brent!!

This post is for Brent, who on our fifth anniversary is on a boat in Seattle! I love you. Thanks for five great years-they are only getting better!

10 Reasons Brent and I have made it to five years (in no particular order)

*Brent is flexible and easy-going.

*A few good books: The Five Love Languages, An Act of Marriage, and What We Wish We'd Known When We Were Newly-Weds

*Three beautiful kids that bring immense joy to our lives

*Communication daily...several times a day-even when Brent is not home we talk during every one of his breaks. (We started this when we were first married and I wondered how long it would last, five years later he still calls me during every break-you know your loved when know the time of day because the phone is ringing!)

*Remembering what we found so attractive in each other when we were dating and continuing to try to improve those good qualities for each other!

*Did I mention that Brent is flexible and patient

*Jacque had discovered that the old adage, "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach," really is true! :)

*We've learned a note, gift, or a simple text saying, "I love you," goes a long way!

*A love that started as tingles and romance has grown much deeper and stronger than either of us imagined!

Thank you, Brent for all of this! I love you and miss you. See ya in a week and a half!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Single Motherhood

I have to preface this post by stating that my kids are awesome. I would like to think it is because of my excellent parenting skills, however I think it has more to do with their kind and patient little personalities.

Anyways, as some of you may or may not know Brent has to travel a lot for his work. A lot. We're talking being gone three and four weeks at a time. A prime example is when we bought our house-he was gone for 22 days came home for three, in which we signed papers and moved all our possessions, and then he left for 25 more days. Sometimes we travel with him, which is fun and hectic, but during the summer it is to hard to keep up with a garden, lawn and activities if we are gone. So in my weeks of being at home...with three small children...weeks at a time I have come to somewhat appreciate what single mothers go through. I thought I would post a few life lessons learned from my experience as being a single mother.

1. I have learned that I can get three children and myself ready for church by 11:30 and not be late. This includes curling Mailee's hair, packing snacks (because we go during lunch) toys, diapers, etc..., and making sure I have everything necessary for my primary lesson. Whew, just thinking about it makes me tired.
2. The swimming pool with three children is exhausting, but creates three happy children (yes, even Mattea likes a good cool down) that are not whining or throwing tantrums. I love the pool.
3. Paying a babysitter to go running hardly seems fair, but my running stroller only holds three and I haven't come up with a better solution yet. Any suggestions?
4. Sacrament meeting is to be survived. With one nursing baby and two toddlers we learn how to share and be quiet and not run away from mom, but seldom listen to the talks. Good thing I had a lot of single years to listen to excellent talks without so many interruptions. Good thing I can download talks onto my Ipod and listen to them while running and good thing we have a ward full of grandmas that love to help out with my children, especially when I have to go feed Mattea!
5. Shopping carts are made for three children. Or one child and food. Take your pick!
6. We can go to the store, mall, etc and not lose a child. (Okay so I did momentarily lose Carson once and let me tell you mall security is awesome!)
7. I can maintain a clean house, grow a garden, take care of three kids, and have a social life. WOW!! I didn't know I had that much energy.
8. While not enjoying it and definitely complaining about it, I can pack all of our stuff, unpack all of our stuff, and clean our rental while taking care of kids (It's amazing how much junk you get rid of if you have to unpack everything you own by long old college texts and kitchen gadgets I have used maybe once since being married!)
9. Synchronized naps and early bedtimes are crucial. As much as I love my children a break during the day and at the end of the day is essential for my sanity! Oh and a good book with a bubble bath is magical!
10. Great friends are crucial. THANKS to all my wonderful friends, family and an excellent ward, that have really helped me out. Really I couldn't do it all without their support.

And Finally I have to say that I can't really compare to closely with single motherhood, because at the end of every day I get a phone call from a loving, supportive husband that is so appreciative of my efforts and encourages me along the way.

What a HUGE blessing it is to have so many supports in my life. I know that I have become so much stronger because of not-so-fun situation. It has forced me to try so many things I never would and depend on people, which is hard for an extremely independent person!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going...Going...Gone...Bald is beautiful

Time for Carson's summer haircut. He has had it cut several times, but never shaved. We have been chewed out several times for, "cutting off all those beautiful curls!! What were you thinking?!" Oh will grow back



And Brent had to have his done also!.

Our Little Dancer

Mailee started dance just after we moved to Burley. She loves it and does a pretty good job. She does both ballet and tap and likes them both equally. These are pictures from her end of the year performance! The Hair: one hour and half a bottle of hairspray...
The Costume: more money than such a small amount of material should cost...
The outcome: One happy three year old dancing her heart out!!! (I have a video of the performance, but can't get it to just did not turn out with the lights.)

Monday, May 4, 2009

We're back...and better than ever!

(A huge thanks to Zinser Photography for our AMAZING pictures)

We are finally back to blogging again and I'm not sure where to start! I guess start with the biggest news-Mattea Kaye, our beautiful baby born on January 8th. She is absolutely wonderful. She is happy and cuddly and all the precious things a new baby should be. Both Carson and Mailee and infatuated with her and are very protective. We are so blessed to have her.

January 9th

Three months old

In February we sold our house in Gooding and even made a profit off of it. It was such a HUGE blessing. Then we were able to purchase a new home just a week or two later. It is an older brick home, but completely remodeled inside-new carpet, kitchen, retextured walls-it is beautiful. Brent's favorite part is that it is on
1.88 acres. We are going to have a huge garden, an orchard and raise some turkeys! Farm livin' is the life for us! We have some work to do outside, but the inside is perfect. It is 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 bath with a huge kitchen and family room. My kids are so excited to have room again after our tiny rental. Currently, we are still in the process of unpacking and deciding where to put everything.

Our new house

That's our life in a 8 months we've done a lot, but if I kept going this blog would be eight pages long!!